Arthur has increased corporate value by $3.7B in revenue, reduced costs and optimized operational efficiency and effectiveness as an Optimizer, Visionary & Mentor by spearheading organizational strategies, accountability for profit and losses, propelling the prioritization of customer, employee and organizational requirements advocating sustainable end-to-end process and change management techniques, with the implementation of people, process, information and technology solutions that transformed business models.

Arthur has over two-decades of inspiring and energizing others of what the future can be, creating alternative ways to proceed based on relevant patterns and issues, taking care in making decisions or choices, by anticipating obstacles, possessing the energy to be productive, while collaborating with others to achieve a goal. These strengths were attained from Fortune 25 companies General Motors, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan Chase & GE Financial and Fortune 500 company, PayPal.

Additionally, Arthur cares about making a global social impact in the areas of children health, civil rights and social action, as well as poverty alleviation.